Olivia was wonderfully empathetic about my difficulties and warm, approachable and easy to talk to. She asked me well-placed, incisive questions which stretched me and got me to see that I had hidden strengths and resources... so building towards realising bigger overall goals. Doing things felt more manageable by taking small steps at a time - and I felt less paralysed and overwhelmed as a result. My work with her has been life-changing.


Having just returned to a new job after a year’s maternity leave, Olivia was a huge support through a difficult time in my career...  Olivia was the most fantastic listener who helped me get to the heart of my issues quickly, see things from a fresh perspective and helped me understand myself at a much deeper level than ever before.  Since working with Olivia I have gained clarity, focus and confidence in my job and feel like I have a new lease of life. Olivia’s style of coaching was very gentle and encouraging and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


Our sessions, your support and guidance has been fundamental in my ability to attract, engineer and convert this once in a lifetime opportunity (working in Tokyo). Not only my confidence has grown back and matured, but also my ability to prioritise and focus on what really matters in life. I am worlds apart from the deep, dark hole I was in this time last year. Thank you.



I was always sceptical about life coaching and how much it could achieve but Olivia quickly showed me how powerful an experience it can be. Her genuine passion about life coaching combined with her supportive and encouraging approach made me feel instantly at ease.
I learned so much about myself and what was important to me, so I was able to set myself clear personal goals for the future.  I learnt that you don’t need to let change overwhelm you and can take small, manageable steps towards the final goal.   Olivia’s positivity and natural coaching style gave me the confidence and determination to achieve my aspirations. After only six sessions I have already progressed far more than I could have ever imagined I would...and am genuinely excited about moving further towards my ultimate life goals.


Olivia was a really fantastic coach. She's immediately warm & personable, which makes it easy to open up and get the ball rolling. She helped me locate the areas I struggled with and the issues that were blocking me, very naturally. Once we'd identified these, she came up with methods of dealing with various obstacles. Given that sometimes this can go into sensitive areas, or things I struggled to qualify,  her manner was always positive, enthusiastic and encouraging, and very patient!  I'd highly recommend her to anyone who's considering coaching - I never thought it was something for me - but she proved me wrong!


Olivia has a focused and structured approach to coaching, which I found really valuable in making progress on my longer term goals as well as practical and productive outcomes from every individual session. This worked out really well as we created smaller milestones out of the bigger challenges, which helped me get through a lot over the last 6 months.


I approached Olivia after a difficult few months, when I realised that I was living with a lot of decisions made over the previous few years. I wanted to find out if these are still the right life choices for me. Just having the time and space to think through each of these areas was so valuable. Olivia helped me work out what I really wanted, not just in terms of how I want my life to be but more importantly how I want to feel. Then together we worked to transform the thoughts into action, not by making huge, drastic changes but rather small steps. Her approach is so warm and supportive and she remembered everything I'd said which made me feel deeply listened to. Finally, she doesn't use cheesiness or jargon, so if you're put off by the life coach stereotype, then Olivia is the one for you!


Life throws many curves and junctions along our paths and some are greater than others. I hit a big old roundabout, and consequently, because I didn't where I was going, I found that I was just going round in circles. Olivia made me stop, think and consider. Rather than thinking of what I wanted my life to be, she showed me how I could get there and what personal tools I needed to develop and discover to not only ensure success, but also longevity. Since seeing Olivia, I am kinder to myself. I take my time to make decisions, I think about the here and now and although I have my eyes on what my goals in life are, I don't panic or rush to achieve them, rather I experience and enjoy the journey to them. Being able to listen to people, to direct them, to offer avenues of thinking for them to find their own truths - that's a rare skill and one that Olivia outshines in. I highly recommend time spent with Olivia. She has helped me to realise who I am, to see the good in myself and to trust my decisions and consequently, I'm not hitting any more roundabouts.


I approached life coaching with trepidation but now I wouldn't go without one, and that’s down to Olivia. She helped me focus on the important things in my life by gently extracting the main threads to my ‘headspace’ through intelligent and probing questioning. She provided the perfect framework from which I could work within and which made perfect sense to me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Olivia has been absolutely fantastic: during the course of our sessions, she really honed in on some key issues and ideas for me to focus on in a very digestible way. After each session, I felt empowered to think through my actions and goals in a very actionable way. She made some things that felt very overwhelming feel very doable – she has a great approach and I would recommend her as a coach to anyone. Thank you, Olivia! 


Speaking to Olivia as a life coach was very useful because she helped me to distill my thoughts down to the core concern, the essence of their meaning, making them easier to understand and digest. Olivia’s empathetic style and warm personality made it easy to open up to her and to accept her guidance. Her reminders to appreciate the progress I was making and the positive steps I was taking (no matter how small) were very reassuring in what turned out to be a particularly difficult and transitional point in my life. I especially valued her help with boosting my self confidence in a session held before my annual appraisal at work.


Olivia is a great coach. I felt at ease and comfortable to speak openly about things I might not normally talk about. She allowed me time and space to think and at the same time she kept me on track. She challenged me when I needed it and always held me to account on what I said I was going to do and when I hadn’t completed my tasks she encouraged me to reassess and make another plan that worked for me.