The daffodils are out, the blossom is blooming and the days are longer.

Spring is finally here and change is in the air. It's time to turn a corner. Time for us to stop running around like headless chickens, to lighten our load and add a spring back to our step.


1. To-do list - Identify the task on your to-do list that's causing you the most angst - likely to be a chunky item. Review your calendar and find a slot where you have 1 or 2 hours to focus on it, block the time out and commit to tackling it. The time might be spent reviewing and researching what needs to be done but at least you've made a start and know how to tackle it, rather than fearing it.

2. Environment - Have a full tidy up at work and at home, chucking or filing papers and going through your cupboards. Fill a bin liner with clothes and tat that can taken to the charity shop. Beyond helping to clear your mind, the charitable act will give you a boost.

3. Emotional - If there's something bothering you or giving you anxiety, get it off your chest by talking to a friend about it. Sharing it will lighten your load and make you feel connected and less anxious.

4. Energy - Identify one thing that's currently draining your energy - something within your control to change. What could you do to change it or remove it? Now think of something that you love, that boosts your energy. How could you incorporate more of it into your life?

Olivia ReadComment